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Hydra-Shok Deep

Pioneered in 1989, perfected today. An improved jacket and core give new Hydra-Shok® Deep™ the power to penetrate better than classic Hydra-Shok.

2,800 Rounds. 63 Shooters. One Definitive Answer.

Learn about the experience that left shooters across the country speechless.

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Pistol Pointers

In 2012, Casey Reed didn’t even own a pistol. Today, the Federal engineer is a USPSA Grand Master and one of the world’s best practical handgun shooters. Whether you have dreams of competing at the highest level, or just want to shoot better, follow his steps.

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Shooting isn’t a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. That’s why we offer a wide selection of Federal apparel, including hats, shirts and more. It’s fast and easy to place direct orders for your favorite merchandise through our online store.